Available Puppies

Pooh Bear x Romeo

Now accepting applications! Pooh has delivered 10 gorgeous puppies! She has a litter of 5 beautiful girls and 5 handsome boys;  black, sable, creams, and parti puppies. Their size range will likely be minis-small...

Stormy x Lincoln

Now accepting applications! Stormy’s puppies have arrived!  She delivered a beautiful litter of 10  black and chocolate phantoms and apricot puppies! She had 5 girls and 5 boys. The puppies will likely be medium...

Willow x Romeo

Will begin accepting applications after June 27th when we confirm her pregnancy via sonogram! Willow has been bred to Romeo for a beautiful litter of black puppies.. either solid, parti, or mis-marked (some white...

Cheyenne x Best Land’s “Captain Jack Sparrow” – sold out until birth

Not accepting anymore applications until puppies are born around July 11th  Cheyenne is pregnant! She was been bred to Captain Jack Sparrow for a litter of Apricot, Reds, and Creams. The puppies will be...

Tootsie x Manor Lake’s “Amadeus” – sold out

Eden Valley Labradoodle’s Tootsie Roll has delivered 6 beautiful puppies! She had a litter of cream/apricot and chocolate puppies! The puppies will likely be between 18-25lbs full grown. The puppy pick up date and...


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    Puppy Application

    To begin the adoption process for a puppy from Eden Valley Manor please fill out, sign and return this form with a deposit of...

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    Contact US

    We are gearing up for Fall and Winter litters! Please continue checking our website for updates as more puppies are being bred!

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    Information on Starter Packages

    To make things simple for you (as well as cost effective) we now offer various starter packages.

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