The Australian Labradoodles of
Eden Valley Manor llc
West Friendship, Md
The following puppies are now available from Tuscany and Timbers litter....  The pick up date and time for this litter is saturday July 19th at 1 pm.  See their litter here
Apricot and white boyPuppies_available_files/
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Litters on the way:

Tootsie and Pickles are being bred for a litter of mini sized pups that will be ready for their new homes  in July.  We expect Chocolate and cafe colored pups ranging from 18-25  lbs.  This pregnancy has been confirmed and we are now accepting applications.

Ice Cream Kona and Timber have been bred for a litter of medium to small standard sized pups that will be ready for their new homes  in early August. We will begin accepting applications for this litter after May 5th once the pregnancy has been confirmed via sonogram.  We expect a rainbow litter with Chocolate , Black and Cream colored pups ranging from 35-50  lbs.  This reservation list is temporarily closed until the puppies are born and we know if we will have extras.