The Australian Labradoodles of
Eden Valley Manor llc
West Friendship, Md
The following puppies are now available from Tuscany and Timbers litter....  The pick up date and time for this litter is saturday July 19th at 1 pm.  See their litter here
Apricot and white boy
Apricot boy- brown nosePuppies_available_files/

We have recently bred Pippi Longstockings with Pickadilly (Pickles) for a litter of mini’s ranging from 15-25 lbs.  These puppies will have a February take home date.  We will begin to accept applications for this litter once the pregnancy has been confirmed.  Watch the website for more information!

We have a variety of girls that we are waiting to come into season over the next month or two.  As the girls are bred we will post information on this page.