The Australian Labradoodles of
Eden Valley Manor llc
West Friendship, Md
The following puppies are now available from Tuscany and Timbers litter....  The pick up date and time for this litter is saturday July 19th at 1 pm.  See their litter here
Apricot and white boyPuppies_available_files/Puppy%20Application%202017.docshapeimage_5_link_0
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Our Upcoming litters: 
Trixie has delivered 7 puppies  SOLD OUT!
See her litter here: 

Reese x Charlie Brown:
Reese has been Bred with Charlie Brown for a litter of mini’s that will range from 18-25 lbs. The puppies in this litter will come in a variety of colors and patterns. We will definitely have chocolate and chocolate phantoms but we may or may not also have cream/ apricot and parti’s as well.  These puppies will be ready for their new homes in Early August.  Pregnancy confirmed and we will now accept 4 applications for this litter.  More may be accepted in June after the pups have been born if we have extra spaces available. SOLD OUT
Check back with us after the litter is born to see if we have some extra pups available.

New breedings:
Lola, Cheyenne and Nilla Wafer have come into season and will be bred for litters ready for new homes in mid to late October.  Watch the website for news on the prospective sires.  We will begin accepting applications once the pregnancies have been confirmed via sonogram in late July.