SOLD 2 Trained Puppies


Bonnie is the sweetest girl. She is a world class snuggler, and will make an AMAZING companion. She is playful, but really prefers to be by your side sleeping and snuggled up! She enjoys longs walks, playing chase, swimming in the creek or pool, and especially loves cuddles & pets. She is a little more playful when comparing her to Clyde. I often find her having hopped over the puppy pen fence and letting our 4 week old puppies crawl all over her and play with her. It is the sweetest thing to watch. 


Clyde is equally as sweet and snuggly as Bonnie. He is like glue next to my side when we’re on the couch in the evenings. He loves to swim as well, and is a silly boy that always has us laughing. He loves to play with other dogs, swim and splash in the pool, and go on walks. He will make a wonderful companion for any family, and really enjoys kids. 

SOLD 2 Trained Puppies

Bonnie and Clyde are now being released for sale individually with a late July pick up date! They were born are 3/13/20 and are now almost 4 months old. From the time they were 8 weeks old we held them back to start with their training. At this time we are close to (or already have) mastering everything listed below. They are both world class smugglers and have gentle and sweet spirits. 

  • Sit
  • Lay down
  • Place
  • Stay
  • Spin
  • Leash Trained
  • Crate trained
  • House trained
  • No biting
  • No jumping 
  • As well as socializing and training to be calm in appropriate places and when it’s appropriate to play. Not to mention they are BOTH world class snugglers.


Fully Trained labradoodles typically sell for $8-10,000. Broken out you are paying 3,000 for the dog and $5-7,000 for the months of training and puppy rearing that were completed. We will be selling them for $8,500 each

It is important to understand when purchasing a “trained” puppy what your expectations should be. In no way can you FULLY train a 4 month old puppy. We have given these two puppies the perfect foundation for you to continue their training with. We will have phone conversations prior to pick to discuss how to best continue their training, and when you come to pick up have an in person training session where we teach you everything we’ve worked on, and how to best continue their life long training. 

As puppies move into a new house and join a new family it is not uncommon for their to be a period of regression as a stress response. We will talk you through this time should it happen and will always be happy to give training tips during the lifetime of your pup!