Pooh Bear x Guinness – one spot left!

Pooh Bear x Guinness – one spot left!

On October 27th Pooh Bear delivered 11 gorgeous puppies!  There are 7 girls and 4 boys.  These will be Large mini to small medium sized dogs and could range from 25- 35 lbs.

We will release the last puppy for sale on 12/18. Please put this date on your calendar and email us then if you are interested in a puppy from this litter. 

Please note that the pick up date and Puppy 101 class for this litter will be Saturday December  22nd at 1 pm sharp…Note that this is a holiday weekend, please be prepared to pick up your puppy on this date!


Starter Puppy Packs simplify your puppy preparations:

Over the years I have wasted lots of hard earned dollars on products that just didn’t live up to their expectations.  We are now offering starter puppy packages and grooming package that contain all of our favorite products that we use over and over again.  We have put our favorite things together in an economical package that will save you time and money.  Your starter pack will have the correct size crate and crate bed for puppies from this litter.  If you would like either a Starter puppy package or Grooming Package let me know and we will have one ready for you at pick up.

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We offer Puppy Delivery and Dog sitting!  

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