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Working Full Time with a Puppy? 

For those of you that work long hours, you cannot expect to crate your puppy all day and all night, and not see behavior issues arise. If it is the case that you work long hours a few days a week, we recommend that you purchase an iris pen. These pens give the puppies the ability to play and use the bathroom (purchase a pee pad and holder) during the days that you are gone. If you are going with this option still crate at night.

  • Training & Socialization 

  • Each of these items can be used for tethering, potty training, or socialization. These are brands we’ve bought and loved to assist in these different training aspects. 
  • Books to Read:

    Raising kids while also raising a puppy is no easy task. Puppies require constant attention while potty training, socializing, and learning obedience. Kids require the same of you, but even more! It can be a difficult balance for you. You have to teach your kids how to handle a puppy, and your puppy how to handle your kids! Before you decide you’re ready to take on the hard work, please read both of these related books. 

    We LOVE the tricks these books outline and teach us how to train our puppies to do! Pick up a copy and start to bond with your dog in ways you didn’t know possible! Labradoodles LOVE to learn new tricks and make you happy!



The Slopper Stopper – available for pick up at your Puppy 101 class! 

Labradoodles are MESSY drinkers!!! If any of you have a doodle or dog with a long beard you know what I’m talking about. Their beard absorbs just as much water when they drink as their tongues do. Once they finish that water drip ALL OVER your floors. I can feel the water on my socks just talking about it… This bowl is AMAZING! Wow does it work! No more water trails leading from the water bowl all over my hard wood floors! Watch the video below to get an idea of how this simple dog bowl design can change your life! Email us if you are interested in purchasing one! 

Each bowl is $50  — Pick up at your puppy 101 class





Avidog House Breaking Puppy Program:

Use this link to purchase this amazing program for house breaking your puppy! We have used this program to house break some of our most difficult puppies and it works SO well! Highly recommended. 



Hedz Up Pets Water Collar

Ok, so our doodles LOVE to swim! I mean, I think you’ve all probably seen pictures & videos of Pippi swimming in our creek. I swear in the summer our doodles spend more time outside wet than dry! We are also life long boaters and love to bring our pups to the beach. With waves and the fast speed of boats life jackets are a MUST.. but ugh THE MATTING they cause to our girls fur is awful! A client recently turned us on to this life jacket collar that I believe will work wondersfor preventing life jacket caused matting!

If your doodle is anything like some of ours with water… or if you are big boaters… check this out!