Recommended Products

Pee Pads & Holder:

Purchase the Iris Pee Pad Holder and Pee Pads to go in the Iris Pen (to the right) if your puppy has to be alone for extended periods of time regularly. 

Beef/ Liver Treats:

Our doodles go CRAZY over these liver treats! We use them as what we describe in our puppy 101 class as our high end treats.  The only down side is that they come is huge chunks, where you want them to be a treat not a full meal when training with them. Weekly we will cut them up into smaller pieces to have on hand throughout the week for training sessions! Boy do our girls LOVE when we use these treats. They also love our lives abundance treats, you can find links to these on our recommended food page

Iris Pen:

For those of you that work long hours, you cannot expect to crate your puppy all day and all night, and not see behavior issues arise. If it is the case that you work long hours a few days a week, we recommend that you purchase an iris pen. These pens give the puppies the ability to play and use the bathroom (purchase a pee pad and holder) during the days that you are gone. If you are going with this option still crate at night. 

Running Leash for Teathering: 

To assist in Training we teach during our puppy 101 class that tethering is a great tool! This not only keep your puppy by your side so it doesn’t pee/poop in the house or get into things, but it also teaches them to watch you  and helps with leash training! If you have the same issue we do where we are wearing pants without belt loops to tie the leash to, this running leash is a great tool!  

Shop  Bells for Bell Training:

Bell Training is the fastest way to potty train your puppy. Mount these bells towards the ground right next to your potty doors. Then train your puppy to ring these when they want to be let outside! click Here to see a bell training video so you can get started!