Dog Sitting & Delivery

Dog Sitting 

Are you local to Md and need a dog sitter for your puppy or older Labradoodle? Reach out to Julia Mills for more information on availability and view our pricing below! Some summer/ fall dates still available! 

Julia and her husband Nick live in a walk out basement apartment, with a yard,  in Sykesville, Md with their two Eden Valley labradoodles Honey & Pippi. Pippi is one of our retired breeding girls and Honey is her daughter who will be joining our breeding program! Honey especially LOVES to play with other dogs!

Your dogs day would look like this:

Your dog would spend mornings and evenings in Sykesville with us and spend the work day at Eden Valley running around on their fenced 5 acres of land playing with the other dogs!

We work on training with Honey & Pippi often and would be happy to assist in continuing the training of your pup while they are with us if you have any requests. We typically practice Honey’s tricks in the evening with a short training session. We hate leaving Honey & Pip somewhere that lets them get away with anything because we always have to retrain her when she comes home! Our place also has a yard that is partially fenced and fully fenced with an invisible radio fence. We love to take our dogs (and our dog sitting dogs) with us to swim, run around, and play FETCH in our yard, friends, and at Eden Valley. Lots of the families we dog sit for tell their dog that they’re going to camp for the week because they have SO much fun with us! 


$75  a night for all dogs 

Pick up day pricing: 

Pick up before 12pm – no extra charge

Pick up after 12pm – half day charge $37

Pick up after 5 pm- full day charge $75

Pick up/ drop off available for Sykesville and at Eden Valley in West Friendship, Md. (Burtonsville, Md pick up/ drop off may be arranged for specific times as my husband works there) 

Email Julia at for more information! 


Puppy Delivery

Do you really want one of our puppies but the timing just isn’t right for our puppy pick up & puppy 101 class? Julia, one of Eden Valley’s own, offers a puppy delivery service. A few days before delivery you will receive a link to watch our puppy 101 class via video and then at drop off there will be  Q&A time! This service does come with extra fees that fluctuate according to where you live. 

Delivery Fees: (cash only)  

$600 to Philadelphia area 

$650 to New York City area

$750 to Connecticut area 

Email us for pricing to different areas not listed 

*If a flight in required you will be responsible for reimbursing the flight costs as well as payment for the delivery fees*

Email Julia at for more information!