Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do your puppies cost?

A: Here is a link to our pricing page. All of our puppies with exception to breeding stock are $3,500 plus tax.

Q: Do you breed F1 labradoodles or golden doodles?

A: All of our dogs with the exception of our one stud MacGregor are multi generational Australian Labradoodles. We only breed Australian Labradoodles. 

Q: What litters are coming up? 

A: You can find our upcoming litters on the homepage of our website! We post as we breed and begin accepting applications AFTER we’ve done a sonogram and have confirmed pregnancy. We post the specific dates that we will begin accepting applications on each litter page.

Q: Can I submit an application early?

A: We do not accept applications early. With so many clients and litters being bred it is too hard for us to manage applications not tied to a specific litter! Please wait until you see the litter that you are interested in up on the website and that we are now accepting applications for it. We post the specific dates that we will begin accepting applications on each litter page.

Q: Can we come visit the puppies at anytime before puppy pick up/ puppy 101 class? 

A: Unfortunately we do not have a kennel facility in order to allow visitations. We are in home breeders and with many requests daily to visit it would be nearly impossible to maintain a home life for our family. In addition the majority of our dogs live in forever homes with their guardian families and not at our home! I hope you can understand. We do often post to our facebook and instagram videos and pictures of us taking care of and loving on our dogs and puppies in our home. It is our hope people can get a glimpse of who we are through our social media platform

Q: Do we get to choose our own puppy? How does your allocation process work? 

A: We begin our allocations when the puppies are 6 weeks of age. By that age we have been able to evaluate each puppies temperament. Then we start with the first application we received and find two puppies that have a temperment that will match their family as well as meet as many of their preferences AS POSSIBLE. We value placing the right temperament over the right color/ gender.. The more flexible you are with gender/ color in the litter the better chance that you will receive the PERFECT puppy! We then contact the family with about 2 puppies we think are the right fit and let you choose from there. We do ask you make your decision as quick as possible so we are able to move on to the next family on the reservations list.

Q: If I am picky with gender/color how can I be sure to get the puppy I want? 

A: If you are not willing to be flexible then you MUST be at the top of the reservation list. The first 2 people on the reservation list have the most flexibility with choosing their puppy… Especially in a big litter! At the end of the day though the puppies we get in each litter is up to Mother Nature! We highly recommend you try to be as flexible as possible. 

Q: I have multiple kids under the age of 3… will you sell me a puppy? 

A: Raising a puppy while you have such young children is a BIG COMMITMENT. I do not say this lightly as I have had 3 young kids before. We are not opposed to selling you a puppy, but will make sure that you understand the amount of time that housebreaking, crate training, and obedience training takes. These tasks are especially hard in a busy household! We have a number of books that are listed on our recommended products page about raising a puppy and kids. We will require that you buy and read each of these books so that you are properly prepped for bringing your baby home. It does not just involve training your puppy to be good with your kids, and huge part is also training your KIDS to be good with your puppy.