The Importance of Proper Socialization

The Importance of Proper Socialization

Proper socialization in the first 3 months is paramount

Have you ever had or known a dog that you would label as being shy, aggressive or fearful?  Chances are the culpret was a lack of proper and complete socialization to new people, experiences and things in the first 4 months of life.  This is the number one reason that our shelters are filled to over capacity.  Many bad and dangerous behaviors are the product of a lack of proper socialization. 

If you have an older dog that you are now beginning to recognize the contributing factors of incomplete socialization…is it too late?  Absolutely not!  It will take more time, patience and possibly the help of a reputable ‘positive reinforcing’ trainer, but it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

Some of the things that we introduce your puppy to in the first few weeks of life include:

  1. *Lots and lots of noise to prevent sound sensitivity:  Vacuums, dropping pots and pans, banging, children fighting (lol, you may laugh but I have seen pups that were raised with out this that take a while to get used to it when they enter a home with children or highly opinionated adults!),  slamming doors… ( I have teenagers right now so this is something that I do not have to stage!)

  2. *New objects:  New toys, toys that make noise, toys that have blinking lights, toys that vibrate, toys that talk, tunnels, tires, brooms-sweeping is always a fun game with a litter of pups at hand. Just don’t expect to get much accomplished other than a game of chase n pounce!

  3. *New people:  Strange Men (well, not the oddly strange ones!), women, teenagers, young children, elderly, people on medications and people that are not.  People waring hats, hoodies….

  4. *New experiences:  New rooms in the house, the great outdoors, romps down to the creek, snow, rain, baby pool, running with the big dogs outside…

Once you bring your puppy home you will continue to find new things, people, experiences and places to introduce him to.  Allow him a week to adjust to his new home before you start introducing new experiences…remember, his world was just rocked!

Start puppy kindergarten as soon as possible and continue to take additional classes for that first year.  You can move on to sporting events like

Skyhoundz Disc Dog Training  a very fun and exciting sport or Flyball and Agility.

If you desire a puppy but don’t quite have the time to spend properly socializing you new pup those first few months, I would recommend waiting until your busy schedule opens up to allow for this.  You will thank me in the end for this paramount piece of advice when you have a wonderful companion that is adored by more then just your immediate family!  Nothing is better then crowds of people falling in love with the dog that you already know to be the best dog in the world!