Puppy Starter Package


Over the years I have come to understand just how daunting it is for the new puppy owner to walk into the local ‘Stuffmart’ to decide which items are really necessary for their new puppy….especially if this will be your first puppy ever or even if it has been a while since you have raised a new pup.  It can be an overwhelming undertaking to say the least. 

“Is that $300 crate really worth the extra money?  Which size do I need for my tiny puppy…once he is full grown?  The fluffy bed is to die for but is it really the best choice for the early stages of housebreaking??”          

To make things simple for you (as well as cost effective) we now offer a Starter puppy package as well as a Grooming Package that has all the necessary items that I would select for myself at a much better price than the big box pet stores offer.  (Click on the links above to download a brochure on each starter package.)