Trained Puppies

A couple times a year we hold back a puppy or two from a litter to go through our training program to be sold as a trained older puppy. These puppies sell for $10,000, $4,000 for the puppy and $6,000 for the months of boarding and training. 

The commands that we focus on training are: 
Lay down
Crate trained 
House trained 
No biting
No jumping 
As well as socializing for confidence and training to be calm in appropriate places and when it’s appropriate to play. 
Typically these puppies are released for sale when they are between 4 and 5 months of age and have already completed our program. They will have received their age appropriate shots and wormings, and will be microchipped. They will go home on our typical spay/ neuter contract. 
When we sell a “trained” puppy, you must understand that they are still a puppy. We will work with you as you continue with the training that we provided leading up to bringing your puppy home. We stress making sure you understand that you will still need to continue to work with your baby, but we have provided them a fantastic foundation that will set you up for success as you continue you raise your baby.