Why do dogs bark?

Why do dogs bark?

About Barking

There are many reasons why our dogs bark.  Obviously, barking is a form of communication which is sometimes used to bring our attention to a need, warning, territorial protection, dominance.  Sometimes barking is a matter of pure Joy and excitement.

You can be certain that your reaction to barking will either encourage more or put an end to it.  Dogs bark to draw attention…period.  Any kind of attention can encourage the dog to bark

be sure NOT to reward the barking by giving her what she wants until she is quiet.  While she barks, calmly but firmly say ‘quiet’, then turn your back on her and ignore her until she is quiet.  When she quiets down tell her ‘quite’ in an admirable loving way and give her affection (or the thing that she is communicating for) praise and reward with an sought after treat (or what ever she is asking for if it is obvious).  You can say “GOOD GIRL, quite, good girl!”  She will probably catch on to quiet pretty quick this way.  Once she get’s ‘quite’ to get affection and a treat, you can teach her a more appropriate way to communicate vocally or by tapping your leg with a paw ect.  She is obviously a communicator (which is a very cool trait when the communication is done in a pleasant manner) and when you hear her communicate in a more pleasant manner, be ready to give her a treat IMMEDIATELY!   Over the years I have found that catching and rewarding your dog when you see a desired behavior is a MUCH faster way to train certain behaviors and tricks than starting from scratch trying to get them to understand what it is that you want!   Keeping treats in your pocket is invaluable for those instantaneous moments than anything else ever could be!