At Eden Valley Manor, we believe that all dogs should live a life as someone’s beloved family member, whether they will be used for breeding or not.

Here at Eden Valley, our breeding stock lives in our home or in specially selected Guardian homes as treasured family pets. In an effort for us to expand our breeding stock we have implemented the Guardian Home Program. This enables us to acquire more breeding stock and additional healthy lines with out any of our dogs being raised in a kennel type of environment.

We do encourage your visitation here with us while your “precious girl” is staying with us. You would be notified when she is in labor so you could be here with her when she is delivering her babies, if you like.  And of course you are welcome to visit as often as you like.

Here are some basic perquisites to qualify as a guardian:

1) Willingness to feed a raw diet (BARF)and/or Life’s Abundance dog foods.

2) The primary caregiver can’t work FULL time out side the home causing the dog to be left home alone for long periods of time.

3) No intact male dogs (not neutered) should be residing on the premises to increase a risk of an unwanted mating.

4) Must reside within 20 miles of Eden Valley Labradoodles (10 miles for stud dogs) with no anticipated job transfers that remove the dog beyond this 20/10 mile radius from Eden Valley Labradoodles while the Guardian Agreement in effect.

5)Willing to train the dog and obtain a Canine Good Citizen Award.

6) Willing to put down a deposit of pet price that will be refunded to you once the puppy passes all their health testings and their canine good citizen test.

7) Must have a physical fence or an invisible fence.

8) A willingness to accept and follow breeders recommendations for the dogs basic health care and veterinarian care, such as vaccine schedules, the use of certain medications, etc.

9) A willingness to maintain open lines of communications with Eden Valley Labradoodles with any matter related to the dog.

10) A willingness to allow me to visit your home and be able to visit my home so the dog and I are familiar to one another.

If anyone is interested in being interviewed and/or wishes to learn more about this program please contact me for further details.